Who Should Volunteer?


Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Workers and Medical Students (Preferably those who speak Urdu) for medical camps Mental Health Professionals and students (Preferably those who speak Urdu) Physically fit and highly motivated Volunteers/College Students with skills and experience in hiking, carpentry, plumbing, construction or sanitation (Preferably those who speak Urdu), for construction projects in areas where rehabilitation is being carried out. Volunteers students for events and managing projects Volunteers for administrative work.

How to Volunteer?

All individuals interested in volunteering for CDRS projects in Pakistan should contact CDRS as soon as possible to discuss their available dates for working at the CDRS office or field medical facilities. Due to limited funding, no stipend will be offered and CDRS cannot pay for international or domestic air travel.


Interns are required throughout the year for project management related work. Interns will get valuable experience with practical situations involving field work and interaction with people from different backgrounds and realities. A lot of experience would be gained regarding administrative and management work along with the exposure. Interns are required for the main office in Islamabad and at CDRS Project locations in many areas of Pakistan.

Accommodations & Amenities for Interns Volunteering at our Projects


The CDRS main office is located in the capital Islamabad from where volunteers will be moved to one of our medical facilities (located in Azad Kashmir, Shikarpur, Swat and Charsadda).

Accommodations will be provided. Volunteers should be aware that while electricity is working within the area, there are continuous blackouts around which they will have to work. Some limited cell service is operational in the areas and internet access is usually available as well.

You should bring two copies of your passport and visa as well as a copy of immunization records. Medical staff should bring: penlight, stethoscope, copy of medical license and/or credentials. You may bring your personal medical kit. Medications, supplies and equipment are provided, however, some items may be in short supply from time to time.

What to Bring:

Check with CDRS if you wish to donate funds or medical items for CDRS operations.

Health Information For International Volunteers

Please read the recommadations and information on Pakistan travel from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

If you are serious about volunteering, please fill this Volunteer form

For more information, please contact